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For over 40 years the experience of CMN S.r.l. represents Italian excellence in the construction of mechanical components for the energy sector, and in high precision mechanics in general.

Our production:

Oil seals, labyrinth seals, abradable seals, sliding cushions and much more…

Sealing rings

Used in the energy resource extraction industry, they are used in mechanical assemblies and are made of aluminium, steel, bronze, cast iron, and other materials.

Abradable seals

Key components of gas turbines, they are used to seal the ends of rotating parts. They are made of METCO 601, Fluorosint or white metal MB80 and MB90.

Crawling cushions

Used in industrial oil extraction plants, they have the task of supporting the moving parts, they are made of bronze, or iron with addition of MB80 or MB90 white metal.

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